Travis Hays Literacy Fund


Travis was a 10-year-old, 5th grade student at Salmon Creek Elementary who died in a car accident in October 2000.  He had attended Salmon Creek since kindergarten and attended preschool in the area.  He was bright and very enthusiastic about science, technology and art.  He read voraciously.  His death was one of the first deaths that Salmon Creek students and staff had experienced at that school. The Travis Hays Literacy Fund memorial was designated to go to Salmon Creek Elementary because he and his family loved the school so much.  The fund will be used to support activities in the center during the day as well the after school programs. 

Who is Travis Hays?


Connie and Gary Hays established the Travis Hays Literacy Fund in January 2001 from the generous donations received to Travis’ memorial fund after his death October 9, 2000.  The fund is administered through the  Community Foundation for Southwest Washington.  It is an endowment fund which will continue to grow so that we may always support the children and the operations of the Travis Hays 21st Century Learning Center at Salmon Creek Elementary.

Travis was an organ donor and has helped seven people extend their lives.

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